Welcome to Kogado Malaysia

Still having difficulties in choosing the best fragrance for your car? Tired of those “synthetic” smells that you don’t even know what they are made of? Then choose no one but Kogado.

Kogado is a product designed and conceptualized by Japan. But what made Kogado so special? The answer is the ingredients we used and the quality control of our products. With the combination of two main ingredients: purified water and organic extracts from flower and fruits, Kogado smells incredibly natural. Moreover, green tea extracts that were added in Kogado products not only function as deodorizer, but also proven to be able to kill bacteria in the air that caused the bad smells.

Further improvisation then resulted in various forms (gel, liquid, and tablet) and shapes (bottle, louver, and box) of Kogado to satisfy all kinds of market needs. With attractive designs and colorful looks, Kogado not only helps you to eliminate odors and gives you the natural fragrant, but also gives a stylish look in your vehicle.

Kogado is now available in hypermarkets around Malaysia.