Kogado Car Air Conditioning System Cleaner



Many people still not aware of the necessary of car air-cond cleaning. They would clean their home air-cond every year but never clean their car air-cond once.

KOGADO SCD Air Conditioning visual cleaning can be endoscope and nozzle deep into the cleaning site (cooling coil), adjust to the appropriate angle, press the spray switch, the liquid evenly sprayed onto the cooling coil fins. Cleaning should be moved back and forth to achieve full and thorough cleaning effect Kogado SCD contains three solutions, No. 1: Cleaning, No. 2: sterilization, No. 3: remove odor.

* We can clean your car air-cond in just 1/2 hour, not like traditional way that need to take off car dashboard and many parts in order to reach the cooling coil.

*It is inexpensive way of clean and sterilize your car air-cond thoroughly. Especially vehicle with strong smoking smell.

*We provide our professional technician to clean your car air-cond in safe way.

Compare with the DIY foam type air-cond cleaner in the market, which may cause damage to your car electronic part if you use wrongly.