Our Culture

Do you prefer the peaceful surrounding, or the astounding view of the cherry blossom season? People are always in love with or infatuated with a certain taste, like I would prefer the afternoon filled with warmth from the sun, which I can feel a soft touch of sincerity.

In the midst of bustling city noise and pollution, people increasingly value the freshness of nature in their private space: car, home, office, and a small room, filled with intimate peace, relaxation, and fresh mental and physical contact. When you are accompanied each day by fragrance from Kitakyushu: pure sakura, romantic lavender, charming white musk, fresh lemon, relaxation of green tea that symbolizes life, you can experience the health and the natural freshness. Lasting atmosphere of Kogado in the air around you will infect every inch of your skin, attach to your clothes, and make you feel like standing in the gardens of Hokkaido, or surrounded by the freshness of tea plantations in the forest! Let’s retain a touch of fresh bloom every day!

Kogado Culture:
Create value and unlimited compatibility (user-friendly, persistent, high expectations, enigmatic)
Endless passion and dream
Smart, noble and unpretentious
Enigmatic, but approachable
Mobility of mental spirituality!