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Car Freshener Vent Clip

High-End Boutique EVA Eco Car Air Freshener - this eco car air freshener is solid, safe, reliable, full of precious metal texture, and long use time . It can be used in pregnancy. It is used concentrated condensed solid EVA with Japan’s fragrance condensing technology. the fragrance time is much longer than that of traditional liquid perfumes, and it is more durable and stable.


Diamond Car Air Freshener

Material (Fragrant Part): EVA-Thermoplastic and Essential Oils
Product Name: Luxury diamond texture car vent clip
The duration of fragrance spreading: More than 45 days (single fragrant part.



Bling Car Air Fresheners

· CNC High Precision Carving Aviation Aluminum
· Diamond Texture Design · Evenly Lasts up to 45 days
· No Chemical Additives
· International Quality Certification


Eco Car Air Freshener

It can match the transverse fan, longitudinal fan and regular circular fan of vehicle air outlet
【Every Detail Is Very Strict 】
Magnetic Suction Installation - Convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble in seconds
PVC Resin Clip - Anti-slip, not easily deformed
Streamlined Design - Fragrance from different angles, full of freshness in car

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