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Our Advantages

Japanese plantations, the source to ensure the quality of spices

Kogado cooperates with Koichi County plantation in Japan to ensure the pure quality of essential oil from the original selection of essential oil plants

Inherit the ancient fragrance making technology, cooperate with modern technology, and keep improving

The production of fragrance used by Kogado began in Osaka, Japan in 1893.Nowadays behind each essential oil is the essence of 100 years of experience and the precise blending of more than 200 perfumers.

Do not use chemical synthetic essence, and insist on using plant essential oil as raw material to blend each high-quality fragranceAdhere to natural extraction and use plant essential oils


International Cooperation

Cooperation with Ogawa, Japan Kogado has built a strong partnership with Ogawa since 2004, contributing to the realization of a richer, healthier society through the creation of fragrances together. Ogawa fragrance company has advanced fragrances evaluation equipment, and occupies a very large share in the global fragrances field.

Cooperation with IFF

Kogado has started a cooperation with American International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), and developed a variety of quality products since 2011.

IFF has the world's largest independent research center for fragrance and taste, and is the third largest flavor company in the world.

Japanese fragrances for the world 

Fragrance in Evamax is well formulated by Ogawa, which is one of Japanese oldest company specializing in flavors and fragrances.

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