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Air Freshener Car Hanging

Beech Fragrance
Beech made. Cotton rope design
Even, fresh and natural fragrance


Car Mirror Air Freshener

The plant essential oil perfume car mirror air freshener is extracted from pure natural plant essential oil, which is carefully modulated by modern advanced perfume blending technology. Fragrance of car mirror air freshener is more natural and lasting than ordinary perfume.



Car Scented Hanging Diffuser

Car scented hanging diffuser has various shapes. It is not only a bottle of simple perfume, but also becomes an eye-catching artwork on the car. In addition, the function of Car scented hanging diffuser is not limited to fresh air.


Hanging Essential Oil Diffuser

The temperature is getting higher and higher, and the cab is even hotter. It is particularly important to keep the air in the car fresh in this hot season. The main components of hanging essential oil diffuser are deodorant and other raw materials, which are combined with a purified alcohol solution.

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